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Our Clients Say

“I have been a customer of Victoria’s with AR-MEX Maintenance for over 5 years now, before Covid. She charges me by the number of hours a person works – that’s how I wanted it. So I have a deep cleaning one week and then the dishes, trash and floors are done on the following week. I love it. They don’t take breaks, they are always non-smokers, I usually have the same crew all the time and they are SO honest and trustworthy. I can easily communicate with all of the hard working people that come to my house, which I love.

I have a large house with 2 dogs. They change 2-3 beds every time they come (I leave the sheets on top) and we have 3 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms. 

Victoria gives me wonderful flexibility with my cleaning schedule too. Plus I am so happy with her and how she works – I won’t be changing cleaners any time soon and refer her whenever I can."

Katherine T.

Home in Los Altos Hills

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