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Covid 19 Protocols and Precautions

Steps We Use to Minimize the Risk of Covid-19

At AR-MEX Maintenance, our customers’ and staff’s health is paramount. We are taking the following steps to minimize the risk of COVID19 for all parties while working in your home or office:

  • Face coverings are required for the entirety of a house cleaning - our house cleaners correctly wear face coverings while cleaning and change face coverings between locations. If the homeowners prefer to, they may choose to wear or not wear face coverings while we are cleaning.

  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing - our cleaners wear gloves while cleaning your home. They change gloves when cleaning throughout the house. For example, after cleaning the bathroom they will dispose of those gloves and get fresh ones. Same after cleaning the kitchen. They also carry personal hand sanitizer to use when sinks are inaccessible and between locations.

  • Maintaining physical distancing - our house and office cleaners will maintain the maximum possible distance from the if you are present while we are cleaning

  • Proper ventilation - our team will open windows, where possible, to improve ventilation while cleaning your home 

  • Sanitize equipment - all equipment is sanitized between locations and in between uses if items must be shared by team members

  • Sanitize high touch surfaces - our house cleaners will wipe down and clean high touch surfaces, like light switches and door knobs, when cleaning your home

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