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Move-In Cleaning

If you are moving into a home that has been vacant for a while or cleaned unsatisfactorily by the previous occupant, you may want to have your new home cleaned professionally. AR-MEX Maintenance offers professional deep cleaning move-in services to help you achieve peace of mind and ensure that you are relocating into a pristine home. After we have finished cleaning your new home, apartment, condo, or townhouse, you will love it so much that you’ll want us back to clean monthly

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Whether you are starting a new lease, moving into a newly purchased home or renting month-to-month, knowing that your new abode has been professionally cleaned can give you the feeling of being completely comfortable and safe in your new residence.


A team of two to three experienced cleaners will professionally clean your home before you move-in with your supplies so that there are no allergic reactions. We bring equipment to vacuum and mop your floors. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Whole House

  • Vacuum all carpets and floors 

  • Clean and mop all floors

  • Dust all surfaces and furniture (if there is any)

  • Clean light switches, doors and door frames

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Remove pet hair

  • Sweep porches and steps


Whole House list plus:

  • Wipe counters

  • Wipe down interiors and exteriors of all cabinets and appliances

  • Clean microwave inside and out

  • Clean stove top, burners and knobs



Whole House list plus:

  • Scrub showers and tubs

  • Clean toilets

  • Clean sinks

  • Wipe down cabinet interiors and exteriors

  • Deep clean countertops

  • Deep clean and shine mirrors and metal surfaces

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