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AR-MEX Maintenance is a house, home, condo and apartment cleaning service headquartered in Redwood City, California. They clean homes from Millbrae to Santa Clara. AR-MEX was founded in 1979 by Victoria Flores and her husband, Peter. AR-MEX house cleaning service is a good and fair employer with talented, dedicated people working for them. Victoria owns and runs the company now that her husband has passed. She has many loyal customers with wonderful, dedicated employees. Building the cleaning service business from the ground up, and continuing to run it, has been a labor of love for Victoria. 

ABOUT AR-MEX Maintenance

Victoria and her husband, Peter, built their cleaning company from the ground up. They were each independent cleaners; Peter cleaned commercial businesses and Victoria cleaned homes. They met through mutual friends. In 1979 they not only married but they also, officially, created their business that included both commercial and house cleaning. They worked 6 days a week working nights and when needed, weekends.

Over the years the business grew to have 18 employees. They purchased cars for their growing team of employees in order to make sure they could get to their cleaning jobs in a timely fashion. They not only learned from their mistakes over the years but they also learned how to interact with their employees in order to keep the good ones who would care as much about their customers and expertly clean homes as they did. AR-MEX knows how to take care of their customers, and, they must be doing a lot of things right because they have kept some of their clients for over 20 years. As in the past, they continue to customize their house cleaning services and meet as many client needs and requests as possible. 

After Peter passed away in 2002, Victoria continued the AR-MEX Maintenance business and now they only clean homes on the Peninsula in the Bay Area. 

Victoria is a good and fair employer who has talented, dedicated people working for her house cleaning service. She also has many loyal customers. She is kind to those who work for her and is attentive to her customers’ needs. Building her cleaning service business from the ground up, and continuing to run it, has been a labor of love. Through all of the 40 years and to this day, Victoria continues to run a successful house cleaning business.

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