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Realtor Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services Before Showing Homes on the Market


If you are a realtor, do you need to make a home or an apartment sparkle before a real estate showing? AR-MEX Maintenance has been cleaning homes for realtors and property managers since 1979 – over 40 years! We have years of experience getting homes, condos, townhomes and rentals cleaned to help get them sold or rented. Potential buyers expect to walk into a polished and tidy home, not to be startled by dust bunnies and clutter. Our experienced house cleaners work with realtors and landlords to develop custom cleaning plans that ensure a property makes the best first impression possible.

​Deep cleaning a home for a showing or open house is essential for being able to sell or rent it. Our team of two or three house cleaners will pay special attention to:

  • Large appliances - clean inside and out and polish exteriors of refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, washers & dryers, etc.

  • Plumbing fixtures - scrub and remove stains on bathroom toilets, tubs, sinks

  • Reflective surfaces - clean and polish all mirrors and windows to remove dust and smudges

  • Walls and floors - hand scrub walls and baseboards and repaint if necessary; deep steam clean carpets and vacuum or mop all floors

  • Switch plates and outlet covers - hand clean or replace if needed

  • Light fixtures - remove bulbs and dust or wash fixtures

  • Vent covers and ceiling fans - remove covers and fan blades to rid of accumulated dust

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